Saturday, September 21, 2013

BBM for Android and iOS now LIVE in the Philippines

UPDATE [9/22/2013]: Blackberry disabled the leaked BBM for Android app due to overwhelming traffic and says it caused an issue to their part. If you install the APK now and attempt to login or register, you will be redirected to the BBM webpage and there's no way to login. We'll update thei page once the offical APK becomes available in Google Play.

As most of you know, September 21 is the launch of BBM on Android worldwide, and a day after for iOS. However it turns out it's the other way around in the Philippines. iPhone users get to see and download BBM from the App store, while fake BBM apps continue to flood Google's Play Store, and the original BBM app is nowhere to be found.

As you see on the screenshot below, you can login using your existing Blackberry ID, however it will provide new a new PIN, just like when you upgrade to a newer Blackberry phone. I also need to point out that logging-in did not import my existing BBM contacts from my old Blackberry (which is weird and needs to work on to). Other than that, so far so good. It gives me the same feel of the same old BBM on the Blackberry. I am also able to invite and chat with BBM users on Android, iOS, and Blackberry platforms.

Anyway, to tease you more, here are photos of BBM on Android installed in my phone and friend's tablet. You can also add me on BBM. Enjoy the photos!

Can't wait for it to appear on Play store? Follow this link, download, and  install the APK. Enjoy! 

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