Monday, April 29, 2013

My Globe complaint regarding the latest billing system upgrade

Hello Globe,

I am very disappointed with your service recently. This is about your billing, after being delayed for three weeks, I finally received my Globe billing statement #26 which covers 16 Feb 2013 – 15 March 2013. To my surprise, I saw my data charges on “per-KB” basis, and worst of all, I am charged P45,390.26 for using my data which is supposed to be on a “special” time-based charging. I am grateful that you waived P43,158.12 of it because of the “No-Bill shock” feature, but I am sorry to say that I am still shocked to look at my bill as there are a lot of errors on my latest bill. I am blaming your “I.T. Billing upgrade” because it seems like it does not recognize how my legacy plan charges.

Now let’s enumerate the facts here first:
1.       Affected Mobile Number: 0917564****
2.       Plan prior March 19: MY FULLY LOADED PLAN 999 (Legacy Plan)
3.       Having billing issues with Bill Number: 26
4.       I have an unpaid balance of P1310.62 from Bill Number: 25

Let me enumerate the issues I have with my current bill:
1.       I did not request to change my data charging scheme from time-based to KB-based, so why am I being charged on per-KB basis?... and what is WAP charges? (See image below)

2.       I have Freebie F: 3-hour free mobile internet. You know what this means? If I consume this freebie, I will be charged P0.33 PER MINUTE and will not be on-top my bill because it will charged against my consumable. I have this freebie during this period, so why am I still being charged on per-KB basis? Please refer to ALL my previous bills, and you will be surprised that I am charged for data usage by the minute, and not per KB.

Bill No. 26

Bill No. 25

Now, you may be asking why I am sending an email instead of calling the hotline. Well, I already did. Three times actually, and it seems like all your representatives can’t understand English or Filipino because they can’t get the report right. You may refer to reference numbers:
1.       50202381 (4/20/2013) – Was not submitted by the first agent according to agent who created 50229581.
2.       50229581 (4/25/2013) – Disapproved. The agent just said on the report that I just wanted a bill adjustment, no details mentioned as above according to agent who created 50256847.
3.       50256847 (4/30/2013) – I don’t know if he took note of all the details I mentioned above.

You don’t know how stressed I am with this issue. I never had a billing issue with your company until this bill came along. I am also really disappointed because I have to repeat myself three times to report this issue without any resolution. Your customer service sucks when handling issues with bills. You better fix this because I am not responsible if there are issues with your “new” billing system, and I am not paying for something that is clearly isn’t my fault.


Jan Brane Tizon

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