Sunday, December 30, 2007

What's the latest from Sun this 2008?

What's New from Sun this 2008? Better features and services for subscribers!

Unlimited Services:
Before: If you load 2 unlimited services (ex. TU and DCTU) at the same time, the expiry date of the two services will not adjust and accumulate.

Now:It will adjusted or cumulative.

Expiry Date of Top-ups:
Before: If you load any top-ups (regular load,unlimited loads, special loads), the load will expire after 12mn of the expiry date, regardless of the time you reload the top-up

Now: If you load the P25 CTU at 01:30pm, it will expire at 01:30pm the next day. Real-time load expiry.

Convert-a-load 50:
Before: 70txt msgs to other network valid for 10 days
Now: 70txt msgs to other network valid for 30 days

IDD 10:
Before: You need to reload the IDD Top 10 card for you to avail the $0.10/min call to the Top 10 countries.

Now: As long as you have regular load, you can call the Top 10 countries for $0.10/min (P4.34/min) w/o loading special cards.

Finally, Sun 3G...

Yes, Sun Cellular is now a 3G and 3.5G (HSDPA) network. Though is not yet official, Sun cellular subscribers continue to see a 3G icon on their 3G phones. We all know that NTC granted Sun to operate 3G since December 2005, and they have until June 2008 to commercially release it to the public. A month ago, I read that Sun is going to have a “soft launch” of its 3G network by December; I thought it wasn’t true until I saw a 3G icon under my network bars. I quickly tested some features of 3G and here are my observations:

• Under the 3G network, you can still send and receive SMS and MMS.

• Check your balance.

• Sending MMS is faster. (100kb MMS, 20s to send)

• Can still use GPRS/EDGE.

• Browsing WAP sites through your phone is faster

• You will not be able to make/receive a voice calls.

• Video calling is not yet supported by the network.

I’ve been roaming a lot lately, so I took a chance to check the 3G serviceable areas of Sun. I locked my network settings to UMTS only. This is to be sure I’m getting 3G signals only. So here’s my list:

• LRT2, Santolan station

• LRT2, Gilmore station

• LRT2, Anonas station

• New Manila, Q.C.

• Araneta Center, Cubao

• Murphy, Cubao

• Camp Crame, Q.C.

• West Crame, San Juan

• Greenhills, San Juan

• Edsa Cubao ‘til Makati

I also found out that there are some areas that have 3G but prepaid SIMs can’t register properly. I assume that’s because the area is within the 5km radius of Digitel’s / Sun Cellular’s base station located at Bagumbayan, C5 (beside Shopwise Libis). Affected areas are:

• Eastwood City

• Ortigas Center

• Valle Verde

• Acropolis

• Green Meadows

• Ugong Norte, Q.C.

• Bagumbayan, Q.C.

• Manggahan, Pasig

• Santolan, Pasig (some parts)

• Rosario, Pasig

Let’s just hope Sun will launch its 3G service sooner than expected and hope that2008 will be a great year for Sun and its current subscribers. Keep posted for updates, screenshots and photos.