Sunday, December 30, 2007

What's the latest from Sun this 2008?

What's New from Sun this 2008? Better features and services for subscribers!

Unlimited Services:
Before: If you load 2 unlimited services (ex. TU and DCTU) at the same time, the expiry date of the two services will not adjust and accumulate.

Now:It will adjusted or cumulative.

Expiry Date of Top-ups:
Before: If you load any top-ups (regular load,unlimited loads, special loads), the load will expire after 12mn of the expiry date, regardless of the time you reload the top-up

Now: If you load the P25 CTU at 01:30pm, it will expire at 01:30pm the next day. Real-time load expiry.

Convert-a-load 50:
Before: 70txt msgs to other network valid for 10 days
Now: 70txt msgs to other network valid for 30 days

IDD 10:
Before: You need to reload the IDD Top 10 card for you to avail the $0.10/min call to the Top 10 countries.

Now: As long as you have regular load, you can call the Top 10 countries for $0.10/min (P4.34/min) w/o loading special cards.

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