Monday, April 29, 2013

My Globe complaint regarding the latest billing system upgrade

Hello Globe,

I am very disappointed with your service recently. This is about your billing, after being delayed for three weeks, I finally received my Globe billing statement #26 which covers 16 Feb 2013 – 15 March 2013. To my surprise, I saw my data charges on “per-KB” basis, and worst of all, I am charged P45,390.26 for using my data which is supposed to be on a “special” time-based charging. I am grateful that you waived P43,158.12 of it because of the “No-Bill shock” feature, but I am sorry to say that I am still shocked to look at my bill as there are a lot of errors on my latest bill. I am blaming your “I.T. Billing upgrade” because it seems like it does not recognize how my legacy plan charges.

Now let’s enumerate the facts here first:
1.       Affected Mobile Number: 0917564****
2.       Plan prior March 19: MY FULLY LOADED PLAN 999 (Legacy Plan)
3.       Having billing issues with Bill Number: 26
4.       I have an unpaid balance of P1310.62 from Bill Number: 25

Let me enumerate the issues I have with my current bill:
1.       I did not request to change my data charging scheme from time-based to KB-based, so why am I being charged on per-KB basis?... and what is WAP charges? (See image below)

2.       I have Freebie F: 3-hour free mobile internet. You know what this means? If I consume this freebie, I will be charged P0.33 PER MINUTE and will not be on-top my bill because it will charged against my consumable. I have this freebie during this period, so why am I still being charged on per-KB basis? Please refer to ALL my previous bills, and you will be surprised that I am charged for data usage by the minute, and not per KB.

Bill No. 26

Bill No. 25

Now, you may be asking why I am sending an email instead of calling the hotline. Well, I already did. Three times actually, and it seems like all your representatives can’t understand English or Filipino because they can’t get the report right. You may refer to reference numbers:
1.       50202381 (4/20/2013) – Was not submitted by the first agent according to agent who created 50229581.
2.       50229581 (4/25/2013) – Disapproved. The agent just said on the report that I just wanted a bill adjustment, no details mentioned as above according to agent who created 50256847.
3.       50256847 (4/30/2013) – I don’t know if he took note of all the details I mentioned above.

You don’t know how stressed I am with this issue. I never had a billing issue with your company until this bill came along. I am also really disappointed because I have to repeat myself three times to report this issue without any resolution. Your customer service sucks when handling issues with bills. You better fix this because I am not responsible if there are issues with your “new” billing system, and I am not paying for something that is clearly isn’t my fault.


Jan Brane Tizon

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Drew said...

Nothing really good happens when you call their Customer service lines, whether be Globe or Smart... you'd really have to resort to some creative means to get them to fix your stuff. Ironically, Philippines is a country known for Hospitality, however, customer service sucks big time (whether products, mall, utilities, etc...)

francesbean said...

i have the same issues with globe since April, I am being charged per KB Browsing and the bill has now reached 9000+ and I refuse to pay this amount. The agents sent a request to waive the incorrect charge two months ago but up until now it has not been processed. Globe really really has bad customer service.

Roel John Bobis said...
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Roel John Bobis said...

Globe really need to innovate not just the software and also the stuff wisp billing system is very known to be top billing system in the philippines is better to use this billing system