Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blackberry 10 Launch Round-up

The most awaited announcement today is over! Blackberry 10 is officially announced and RIM made several announcements today. See the items below for a quick round-up of today's launch, taken from my twitter account.

  • RIM renames company to Blackberry.

  • Blackberry Q10 and Blackberry Z10 announced. #Blackberry10

  • Blackberry Flow being demonstrated #Blackberry10
  • Blackberry Peek. Multitasking #Blackberry10
  • Blackberry Hub integrates social networking and messaging #Blackberry10
  • Blackberry keyboard being demoed #Blackberry10
  • Blackberry Balance is separating work and life #BlackBerry10 
  • BBM now supports video call. Called BBM Video. Plus Screenshare which acts like a remote control #Blackberry10 

  • Blackberry Remember. I dont remember what it is for.. hahaha #Blackberry10

  • Blackberry camera TIMESHIFT. Select the best faceshot #Blackberry10 
  • Blackberry Storymaker is a media/video editor #Blackberry10
  • 70,000 applications on Blackberry world. Skype, SAP, WhatsApp, Angry Birds commited to #Blackberry10 
  • Philippines is not included in top market of #Blackberry10
  • United Kingdom gets #Blackberry10 devices tomorrow.
  • Alicia Keys announced as Global Creative Director for #Blackberry10 
  • Blackberry keep moving project


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