Sunday, June 22, 2014

LG G3 Live Demo Unit Experience

Over the weekend, I finally got the chance to visit the LG Store in SM Megamall and experience their newest flagship, the LG G3. 

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I am impressed with the grip, display, cameras, back buttons, and speakers. Here are some of the things I've noticed while using the demo unit: [Photos included below]
  • They have 2 demo units, one in Black and the other in Gold. Both units have 16GB internal memory, but I cant verify its RAM. I've tested Gold unit as I am considering to get the Gold or Moon Purple variant.
  • At first, you really won't feel/distinguish the 2K display, unless you launch the camera, or play the sample 2K video in the gallery. 
  • The speaker, though located at the back, is surprsingly loud even on an open area like in the experience store.
  • The grip, you will not think that this phone is using a 5.5 inches screen. I've used the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the past, and Note 2's bigger than the LG G3.
  • The phone itself feels premium. You really won't think it's made of plastic. It's lighter than the Z2 and new HTC One.
  • I love the new, redesigned back buttons. It feels so elegant compared to G2's back buttons
  • Both cameras performs really well. At least at well lit areas where I tested it. I am sure it will perform well on low light too, just like the G2 because of it's OIS. The autofocus is way faster in G3 (if I compare it with my G2). Very impressive indeed, thanks to its laser.
  • The UI is refreshing. It is very flat, and uses subtle colors which is a plus for me. I noticed some lags, but it's not disturbing and it's almost the same as the G2.
If you want to experience the LG G3 before purchasing or reserving one thru pre-order, visit any LG Experience stores listed on my previous post.

Note that all photos below are taken using my LG G2, these are unedited. Please ask permission if you'll use them on your site.

Gold LG G3's Front

Gold LG G3's Back. 
Notice the "Not for Sale" label? 
The software may still be different from the final release

LG G3 and LG G2 upclose

LG G3 and LG G2

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