Monday, October 20, 2014

Globe details Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pricing across all plans

Photos courtesy of: Globe Samsung Note 4 Page

Planning to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 this weekend from Globe? Make sure you have lots of cash, or a high credit limit from your bank before you go to a Globe store because it ain't going to be free!

You can get it on Plan 999 + 900 cash-out for 24 months lock-in period.

Globe finally released it's price matrix for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 across all plans and lock-in periods. Say bye-bye to unlimited internet as most plans are now capped with GoSurf 1.5GB, 3GB, or 5GB. Globe also started offering it's Plan bundles, which I don't like as I feel I dont have freedom over my plan.

If you are extra rich, you may want to score a Samsung Gear S or 32-inch LED TV together with the Note 4. Just select the any of the Platinum Plans below.

Convinced to get a Globe Galaxy Note 4? The click this link to pre-order now!

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