Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rumor Mill: LG Nexus 5 to be released in the Philippines

LG Nexus 5 (Left) with it's fraternal twin, LG G2 (right)
Photo courtesy of PhoneArena

Rumor has it that LG Nexus 5 will be released in the Philippines next week! The phone will be sold through a major carrier, and other "legit" gadget shops.

If this is indeed true, I will assume that the major carrier is Smart since they released the LG Nexus 4 last year. It is also safe to say that it will be free under LTE data plan 1500 as the Nexus 4 is free at Data Plan 1500.

For the unlocked LG Nexus 5, I guess the price range will be from P18,000 to P23,000 which is clearly far from the original retail price of the phone in the US.

I just hope the 32GB version of LG Nexus 5 will be free on LTE Data Plan 1500, or will be largely be at stores as this phone does not have an microSD expansion slot.

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