Monday, August 8, 2011

Globe Blackberry MAX's price drops to P599/month! BB users rejoiced!

It's already confirmed that there is a price drop on Globe's Blackberry MAX service from P999 to P599. (Thanks for the heads-up, Nikka). I guess this is a way for Globe to push more subscribers to use Blackberry. 

For those who don't know what Blackberry MAX is, it is also known as Super Surf for Blackberry. With this service, you get unlimited surfing, connect to your social networks, send and receive email (real-time), BBM and other instant messaging service, video streaming and tethering.

The change was implemented last August 6, 2011 and was announced over twitter. See link and screenshot below from @talk2Globe 

Here are the details:
To register to 30-Day Blackberry Max, just text BBMAX599 to 8888. Registration fee: P599 (new rate, effective August 6, 2011).
-To check STATUS for 30-day BB MAX, text BBMAX599 STATUS to 8888 for free.
-To UNSUBSCRIBE from 30-day BB MAX, text BBMAX599 OFF to 8888 for free.

►Super Surf for Blackberry MAX prepaid has 2 other available variants. Pls refer below:

•1-Day Blackberry Max for only P 50: To register, text BBMAX50 to 8888.
-To check STATUS for 1-day BB MAX , text BBMAX STATUS to 8888 for free.
-To UNSUBSCRIBE from 1-day BB MAX, text BBMAX OFF to 8888 for free.

•5-Day Blackberry Max for only P 220: To register, text BBMAX220 to 8888.
-To check STATUS for 5-day BB MAX , text BBMAX STATUS to 8888 for free.
-To UNSUBSCRIBE from 5-day BB MAX, text BBMAX OFF to 8888 for free.

*Super Surf for BlackBerry MAX offers: Unlimited Surfing, Email, IM, Social Networking on BB APN + Unlimited Downloading and Streaming on Internet APN

*P1 maintaining balance to continue using the service

*Globe prepaid and Postpaid Plan subscriber powered by a BlackBerry handset or a BlackBerry-connect handset can avail of this offer except for subscribers of the following
a. Extension Plans
a. Load Tipid Plans (Below P500)
b. Load Allowance Plans
b. iPhone Plans
c. Globe Broadband Tattoo Plans
Subscribers who currently have other data add-on plans may avail of the Super Surf for BlackBerry MAX offer, provided that they terminate their existing add-on plan first before subscribing to Super Surf for BlackBerry MAX. These include subscribers with the following add-on plans: a. Mobile Surfing Plans b. Personal Blackberry Add-on Plans (450, 700, 850, 1100) c. Super Surf d. Super Surf for BlackBerry

*Subscribers who have registered to time-based charging (P5 for 15 minutes) may avail BlackBerry Max and they don't need to opt-out from the time-based charging service. PROMO PERIOD: MAY 29 - December 31, 2011

*Prepaid subscribers on a 30-day variant who registers on August 6, 2011 onwards will be on the new lowered rate of P599/ 30 days.Prepaid subscribers will be prompted to register to BBMAX599 instead.

To access video streaming please advise subscribers to configure their units. Please see procedures below.


1.) Go to Options
2.) Go to Advanced Options
3.) Go to TCP/IP
4.) Make sure the APN Settings Enabled option is checked.
5.) Key in the correct APN:
For postpaid:
For prepaid:
6.) Save and Close

*IMPORTANT REMINDER: Postpaid subscribers who are subscribed to Super surf for BlackBerry Max while roaming can access BIS and services available to Super Surf for BlackBerry Max. However, roaming rates will apply.



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