Saturday, August 6, 2011

Smart Always-On Internet Plan

Switching from Blackberry to Android, but don't want to because of Blackberry's lite plans? 

If you're with Smart, you must be lucky, because they devised a plan to solve this dilemma for you.

This is suitable for users who wants to be always online, but does not download a lot of stuff from the net.

What happens if you reached your data cap? Say bye-bye to the fee you paid for the service. So you have to budget your data traffic everyday.

What can you do with 250 MB (P300/month)? 
Send 393,846 instant messages or
Browse 426 webpages or
Read 3,280 emails (without attachments) or
Download 64 songs

*Available to SMART Postpaid, Prepaid and Mobile Broadband Prepaid

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